The Statutory Declaration of Witness for the Key Question and the Challenge

The Statutory Declaration of Witness for the Key Question and the Challenge

Did the Heavenly man Bear False Witness?

(This article was translated from the original Chinese by GOOGLE  without final correction)

Back to Jerusalem is a major concern of the global church. The problem of deception caused by the heavenly man in the world has not disappeared with time!

Now there are clouds covering it (Job 37:21)

The spiritual leaders in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong generally don’t know this problem, because the Chinese version of the best-seller testimonial book “Heavenly Man” overseas is not dared to be sold in Christian bookstores in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is a shield for sophistry. The Heavenly Man went to forty countries to do (false) witnesses and raise funds, but he dared not and did not want to deceive Taiwan and Hong Kong. Although the American Pastor Bao, who was first deceived and protected him (and his own interests in the image of the ministry) , used to cover up the heavenly man because he did not know the later facts. This caused confusion in the charismatic circle like many dark clouds, but there are more people doing china ministry who know the facts of the family churches in China and have a sense of justice! If the heavenly man goes to Hong Kong and Taiwan to “give witness”, he will probably be questioned by the media and criticized by youtubers, and he will not be able to argue.

The key question:

Has the heavenly man bore false witness? The Lord said, if there is, say it is, and if it is not, say it is not. If you say more, it is from the evil one! I, Lin Mushi, testified: Yes! He has! The heavenly man, his families, and those who share the interests have never dared, to be clean and tidy, say clearly no, not!

It’s a pity that the evil one will let people abuse their eloquence and writing to say more, blurring history! It is not easy for people to see the complex relationships and considerations hidden behind those who protect him and those who exalt him. There is a famous German Nazi saying that a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth. Now a Chinese use powerful false testimony to glorify God. At the same time, he seeks fame and wealth and gains the love of the masses, and his helpers show off their spiritual merits to cover up the sins that God hates. Unfortunately it is also true. Therefore, many churches in the West and the new generation of Chinese Christians who are growing up continue to be deceived. They don’t know jesusreturn. net, and westerners can’t understand Chinese, so if they are willing to use automatic translation to understand it, they may not be willing to believe it.

Biblical warning

Proverbs 18:17 “He who tells the reason first seems to be right, but the neighbor comes and finds out the truth.”
The Heavenly Man (Brother Yun) published a bestseller of testimonials in 2002, it seems reasonable. But neighbor Zhang Rongliang came – we found out the truth – when he wrote his testimonies and published in 2016.
Brother Zhang Rongliang once said to me personally that the greatest characteristic of the heaven man is unthankfulness and ungratefulness (chinese proverb ), and then he prophecied that you will know him more and more!
Everyone has read the “contradictions between the two books” on the Internet, and you can judge for yourself and find out the truth, which of the two authors is a false witness. Now it is written and printed in black and white, and the parties have no more chance to argue about. The Ten Commandments clearly state “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, but misusing trust, slandering behind the scenes, and destroying the image of brothers are also “against (accuse falsely) thy neighbour”.
Translated and sold in twenty-two languages, the best-seller book of “Heavenly Man” exaggerated as a true testimony, which sold two million copies, is two million evidence of crimes, and it is the accursed thing that should be destroyed in the eyes of God.
The Lord said that in the judgment, every gossip will be confessed, and you will be condemned according to your words. With God there is no such thing as the passage of time or the limitation period for claims .

For God-fearing and doubtful people

Although I have done my best and am very grateful for God´s leading the whole process in this way, last year people continued to ask me to clarify the rumors with doubts.
I have no choice but to find that there are still many people who cannot think objectively and rationally and take a firm stand on the Bible, especially those who grew up in a society ruled by man, or who are entangled in interests and emotions, or who consider that their ministry needs a harmonious appearance to develop, or too busy, there are plenty of people!
They need a heavenly man incident for dummies, and they need clear, believable words!

In order to help many doubtful people who truly fear God, I found my five passages from the prayer group on the communication platform, added some words, and put them below.
Everyone can farworded it openly and freely to help others, because it is our responsibility to guard the brothers, including translating and sending to Western brothers.

Statutory Declaration of Witness and Challenge

  1. Swearing is a practice used both in the Bible and in courts, and is called affirmation in lieu of an oath or statutory declaration, eidesstattliche Versicherung in Germany. In order to help the church to have one more basis to distinguish the true from the false in addition to the many evidences on, I, Lin Mushi, publicly stated in front of God and man, and wrote the following declaration on my behalf:
  2. “If the heavenly man is not a person who bears that false testimony to deceive the church, may God take it away my salvation.
    If the heavenly man did not bear false testimony to deceive Christians, may my end be worse than that of Judas.”
    In fact, in the past there have been many people who love the Lord heard with their own earsthat I, Lin Mushi, have said that. I will not and cannot take back. Now and in the future, I am still happy to read this declaration aloud.
  3. I want to
    encourage and challenge
    the heavenly man and its defenders, collaborators, supporters, sympathizers and fans, make a corresponding declaration saying:
    “If the heavenly man has given false testimony, may God took salvation away from me.
    May my fate be worse than that of Judas if the heavenly man bears a false witness and tricks others into believing it.”
  4. If you dare not even say such simple and easy words, please stop abusing gifts and relationships to confuse all beings! While you are still alive, hurry up and publicly admit your mistakes! History will continue to record, don’t let your next generations apologize for your guilt in the future! This is my loving and sincere advice to those who have tried to shield and defend the Heavenly Man (especially ministry leaders, and the New Zealand author of his book in English)! God is not to be taken lightly. Confess your mistakes to the global church bravely and apologize to the global church as soon as possible, at least more than a hundred Chinese spiritual leaders will be thankful for you!
  5. Please do not abuse New Testament texts to escape. There are many examples of such declaration in the Bible, such as the two ifs in Psalm 137:5-6, plus two wishes:
    If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.
    If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.

    Ruth 1:17 Ruth, who typified the Gentiles, said to Naomi the Jew:
    Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me.

When one part is sick, the whole body suffers. Take care of the brothers, don’t be like Cain

See with spiritual eyes, God sees the church as one body, wenn one part is sick, and the whole body suffers. We cannot say that it is OK because I closed my eyes. We should not hide and use Cain’s “Am I my brother’s keeper?” to shirk responsibility. In judgment God will ask you, where were you when your brother was deluded and needed help?

Three Seven Twenty-One – Watch and Pray

Let us follow the three Seven in Job and pray according to the scripture three seven twenty-one (Job 37:21), pray that the spiritual wind blows and the dense clouds disperse:
And now men see not the bright light which is in the clouds: but the wind passeth, and cleanseth them.

The cloud is unreliable, fickle and unpredictable. In the book Hebrews, it refers to the long-departed heroes of faith, not those who are still alive in this world and cannot make a conclusion before the day they pass away. In Isaiah 44:22 the cloud refers to sin: ” I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins.” We need to ask God to blot out the cloud. Dissipate and let the sky shine!
The days of thick clouds and darkness are the days when God wants us to act. Let us not forget to prescribe the right medicine, to catch the itch, to pray for all related people and the congregation, and to keep watch for the brothers! Even do identification repentance for them, so as not to allow the evil one to continue to triumph!

Thank God! Virtue is not alone, there must be neighbors! (Chinese proverbs)

Writer Brother Lin Mushi
June 2023



The Statutory Declaration of Witness for the Key Question and the Challenge

天上人有沒有做假見證 ?
Did the heavenly man bear false witness?

傳回耶路撒冷 是全球教會關注的大事,天上人在國際引起的大哄騙問題,並沒有隨時間消失! 

現在有雲遮蔽 (伯37:21)

一般中台港屬靈領袖不知這問題,因爲在海外的見證暢銷書“天上人” 一書的中文版,不敢放在台港的基督教書房出售,僅僅是用來做詭辯的盾牌。天上人去四十個國家做(假)見證和募款,但不敢也不想騙到台港來,雖然最早受騙而替他宣傳的美國人包某牧師,曾經因爲不知後來的事實而慣例包庇他(和本身事工形象利益),導致靈恩圈內迷惑密雲不散,但是知道農村教會真情的中國事工又有正義感的人更多!天上人若到港臺“做見證”,恐怕馬上被媒體質問和網紅指爆,無法詭辯了。







德國納粹有名言曰,謊言說一千次就變成真理,中國人用强力傳播的假見證來榮耀神,同時圖美名實利與收割群衆敬愛,炫耀屬靈功德來彼此遮掩神痛恨的罪,不幸也是事實。因此西方眾多教會和成長中的華人基督徒新生代仍然繼續在受騙中。他們不知 ,西人也看不懂中文,若是願意用自動翻譯看懂了也不一定願意相信。


箴言  18:17    “先訴情由的 、似乎有理.但鄰舍來到、就察出實情。”

天上人(雲弟兄)2002 出版見證暢銷書、似乎有理.但鄰舍張榮亮 2016 見證書出版來到、就察出實情。


大家看過網上的 “二書矛盾”,都可以自己判斷,察出實情,二人中誰做了假見證。現在是白紙黑字,當事人無可詭辯了。





雖然我早已仁至義盡,也爲神如此帶領整個過程十分感恩,但去年還是陸續有人帶著疑惑來讓我澄清謠言。我無奈發現 ,還是有許多人不能客觀理性的思考,站穩聖經立場,尤其是在人治社會成長的,或者被利害關係和感情纏住的,或者考慮本身事工需要和諧的表像才好發展的,或者太忙的,大有人在! 


爲了幫助甚多這樣真正敬畏神的疑惑人, 我把以前在通訊平臺禱告群組的五段文字找出來了,加入補充,放在下面。


證人誓詞 挑戰

宣誓是聖經和法庭都使用的做法,在德國稱爲代宣誓保證。爲了幫助教會能在 的許多證據以外,還能有多一依據來分辨真假,我林慕實公開在神和人面前,親口說親筆寫以下的代宣誓保證 :



我 想



                           做  對 應 的 宣 告





路得記1:17,預表外邦人的路得對猶太人拿俄米說:“除非死能使你我相離! 不然,願耶和華重重地降罰與我。”

一處患病,全身受苦 。看守弟兄,勿效該隱

以屬靈的眼睛看,神看教會是一體的,一處患病,全身受苦。我們不能說,眼不見為淨。我們不該隱藏起來,不能用該隱的 “我豈是看守我兄弟的麼?”這話來推卸責任。當審判時,神會問你我說,當你的弟兄被迷惑需要幫助時,你在哪裡?

三七二十一   守望禱告

讓我們跟著約伯記的三個七,照著三七二十一(伯 37:21)的經文求,靈風吹,密雲散:


雲是靠不住的,變化無常也不可抓摸的,在希伯來書指的是離世已久的信心英雄,不是今世尚活著而未能蓋棺論定的人。在以賽亞書 44:22 雲是指罪:“我塗抹了你的過犯,像厚雲消散;我塗抹了你的罪惡,如薄雲滅沒。” 我們需要求神來塗抹,讓雲消散,讓天發晴!

密雲幽暗的日子,就是神要我們行動的日子。 讓我們不忘對症下藥的,抓到癢處的爲所有相關的人及會衆代禱,爲弟兄守望!甚至認同性悔改,不讓惡者繼續誇勝!


執筆人  林慕實 弟兄 
2023 六月